Our courses

You learn best by doing. At WorkWire we believe in courses that have a strong practical side in addition to a theoretical foundation. We work with small course groups, so there is plenty of room for interaction. We like to work in a solution-oriented way. In this way we want to inspire and transfer knowledge in a short time, so that people leave the house with a good feeling.


Are you involved in government housing projects? Then you are dealing with the Physical Work Environment (FWR). But how well do you know the FWR? Are you able to work with it? And are you able to make optimal use of the opportunities and possibilities that the FWR offers?
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The route to a people-oriented workplace strategy

Bringing together good ability and wanting to work

We believe in the Empowering Workplace, a work environment that inspires and encourages employees to get the most out of themselves, every day. An environment that contributes to the organizational strategy as well as to the job satisfaction and well-being of employees.
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Hooray! We are going to change!

The Empowering Workplace is a working environment in which employees can and want to work optimally. ‘Can’ because the work is well facilitated. ‘Want’ because the environment inspires and motivates employees to get the best out of themselves and to achieve results. The road to an Empowering Workplace often entails changes. Managing this change requires good communication and support from employees.
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