Employees are the “human capital” of Achmea. People are therefore central to the vision of the future of (collaboration). Achmea wants to offer employees a leading and inspiring working environment, as a precondition for being a future- and customer-oriented organization. HR, ICT and Facility Services work closely together. What physical facilities, digital resources, facility services and skills do employees need to optimally work, collaborate, perform and achieve the highest possible customer value?

WorkWire supports the Achmea program team in translating this vision into concrete solutions for the working environment. Because how do you get from vision to execution? WorkWire has translated the principles of the workplace concept into a housing toolbox. This toolbox contains smart tools to arrive at suitable housing plans from the workplace concept, in line with, for example, formative data, activity profiles of employees and (cooperation) relations. New layout concepts were subsequently developed for the Leeuwarden location.

  • Organizational analysis
  • Concept development
  • Layout concepts
  • Layout plans