The renovation of MSF provided an excellent time to evaluate the workplace concept and its contribution to its strategy. This is expressed in a workplace strategy and translated into concrete workplace principles that support the strategic goals. This workplace concept has both qualitative components, such as creating a hospitable environment and improving cooperation, as well as a quantitative components, making efficient use of the working environment. AzG has asked WorkWire to support the elaboration of the principles for the workplace concept and the guidance of employees towards the new working environment. Issues that we develop in this context include: how can the new working environment contribute to the new strategic orientation of MSF? How can we reflect our story in the design of our office, how do we guide experience? How do we deal with differences in work processes, interests and culture between departments? Which agreements are part of that? And on a more operational level, questions were answered about, for example, filing cabinets, lockers, the reception of guests and agreements about the use of facilities. In collaboration with the Management Team, HR, communication, ICT and Facilities, WorkWire has also set up an integrated change program for the various target groups in the transition process.

  • Strategic housing plan
  • Workplace strategy
  • Workplace principles