In 2016, the Tax and Customs Administration in Breda with 750 FTE opened a new office in the public transport terminal. The new office is set up according to the FWR, the government-wide policy for the physical working environment. Now, a year later, the Tax and Customs Administration has established that the organizational culture and physical working environment can connect even better. After a market consultation, the Tax and Customs Administration opted for Workplace Nudging, an instrument developed by WorkWire based on choice architecture.

WorkWire develops Workplace Nudges together with employees of the Tax and Customs Administration, intended to make activity-oriented work more fun and easier. WorkWire has developed a tailor-made approach for the tax authorities, including a course according to the “train-the-trainer” principle. For example, we work together with the internal organization to optimize the use of the working environment, including securing it.

  • Workplace Nudging
  • Concept development
  • Housing advice
  • Customer experience
  • Project management