WorkWire advises the police at various levels in various projects, including some large-scale renovations within the Noord-Holland unit. The renovation of four buildings in Alkmaar and Zaandijk will be accompanied by the introduction of the Activity Based Working. This way of working is new to employees of the unit. The Noord-Holland unit has asked WorkWire to provide support in guiding employees to this new working environment and new way of working.

In the role of activity-related work (AGW) consultant, WorkWire was the first to introduce the unit leadership with the principles of the workplace concept. This strategic alignment is important for successful implementation. For example, the unit leadership is able to inform employees in a uniform manner about the new workplace concept and they are aware of its role in creating awareness and support. By subsequently bridging the disciplines of FM, ICT and HR, the first steps were taken towards a programmatic approach within the project. Communication & change management is no longer seen as an isolated process, but an integral part of the concept and design phase. With a target group-oriented communication plan, WorkWire ensures that all teams within the unit become familiar with the principles of ABW and the consequences thereof in their way of working.

  • Concept development and monitoring
  • Spatial and functional programming
  • Communication & change management