A well thought engagement program (roadmap) makes employees aware of the new way of working, the changes it entails, but above all the new possibilities and opportunities it offers. Preparing employees creates commitment and enthusiasm. Once the new working environment has been taken into use, employees do not revert to ‘old behaviour’, so that the potential of the new workplace concept is better utilized.

To create engagement, our consultants develop an engagement roadmap together with clients – usually representatives from HR and (internal) communication. This roadmap consists of a program of informative, fun and interactive activities and communication moments to help management and employees to the new working environment and new way of working; always focused on the specific (change) task of a client and based on our methodical approach and broad knowledge and expertise in engagement processes in the working environment.

Curious about how we can increase the effectiveness of your (new) working environment with engagement? Please contact office@workwire.nl or our consultant Sheila Zautsen via sheila@workwire.nl.