The municipality of Arnhem has the ambition to optimize its housing by accommodating more employees of the (official) organization in the City Hall. There are various developments that give rise to this ambition. As a result of privatizations and regionalization, the administrative organization has shrunk considerably and as a result fewer square meters are needed in the City Office. The City Hall has a very low occupancy rate and therefore offers opportunities for optimization. In addition, the lease for the City Office has a break option as of June 2023, which creates a logical moment to review the entire portfolio.

Being a management organization has a major influence on the way of working. Housing and ICT are important preconditions for facilitating this new way of working. Renovation and optimization of the use of City Hall can save on housing costs and stimulate the New Way of Working. In addition to the relocation of the official organization, the municipality wants to renovate the City Hall in a sustainable manner and create a meaningful relationship between the City Hall and the city.

In an intensive process with employees and project organization, WorkWire has developed a spatial, functional and facility Program of Requirements for municipal housing. This SoR is a description of the functions and facilities that must be housed in the new situation and how much space is needed for this. It also describes the interrelationships between the functions and the needs for use. In addition, this report provided insight into the substantiation and background of certain choices. WorkWire was also secretary of the Integral Program of Requirements (IPvE), which included the requirements regarding technology, sustainability and mobility. This IPvE served as the basis for the integration study and financial calculation of the various housing scenarios.

  • Housing strategy
  • Scenario analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Concept development
  • Identity & Branding
  • Integral Program of Requirements
  • Support acquisition
  • Communication