The expiry of the existing lease is a natural moment for Habion housing corporation to recalibrate its own housing needs in the light of the future vision and changing organization. Central housing for efficient housing and effective cooperation or decentralized housing for housing units in the portfolio to have a better feel for the customer (need)? And with central housing: stay in the current building and possibly renovate or move? WorkWire helps Habion with this strategic housing issue.

In its approach, WorkWire brings together the organization and real estate strategy. We not only look at rational and measurable data, but we also have an eye for soft factors such as perception and the emotion of employees. This creates a well-considered and future-proof choice and housing can serve as a catalyst for innovation and a different way of working. WorkWire has translated the housing needs into a workplace concept and specifications for the real estate. Based on these specifications, real estate consultancy The Property Marketeers can search for the most suitable office for Habion.

  • Vision formation
  • Concept development
  • Computer programming
  • Feasibility study