Every change is met with resistance from employees. That is a natural process and part of it. The trick is to quickly turn the resistance into support and enthusiasm. And you can! For that it is important to recognize resistance, understand where it comes from and how to deal with it. During this course, department managers, project managers or communication consultants receive tips and tricks to increase support within their own organization.

The course can be taken as an in-company training. This is possible at WorkWire in Caballero Fabriek or elsewhere. The course lasts approximately 5 hours. This can be adjusted depending on wishes and needs.


Walk-in and reception

Introduction: Bears on the road

Change processes often create resistance and employees see all kinds of bears on the road. “This may work … but not for me.” From psychology we explain the origin of resistance and the different forms of resistance.

Why, how, what

A new way of working does not come out of the blue. The change serves a purpose. Usually this goal is directly related to the strategy of the organization. It is often difficult for employees to get a good idea of ​​the new working environment and the new way of working in advance. It is even more difficult to recognize the added value of the change in advance. How will a new way of working contribute to better cooperation or more knowledge sharing?

In this part of the course we will work with:

Connecting the organizational strategy and core values ​​to the workplace concept

Translating (strategic) goals into concrete solutions (from “why” to “what”)Storytelling as a means of effective communication

Cope with change

Changing the workplace concept can be a drastic process for employees. Adjusting fixed work routines often creates resistance. Managers benefit from dealing with this resistance in a good way. The question is when which intervention makes sense. In the last course, we will further discuss various interventions that can be organized to get employees involved in the new environment. We make a journey from start to finish based on different stages of resistance.

Brainstorm (lunch)

In a closing lunch we exchange ideas about the practical implications that leadership requires of us. How can we as managers and executives deal with the changing organization in different ways?


Get started with your own case immediately during the course. Prepare the following questions:

  • What are the goals of the new workplace concept?
  • How does the new workplace concept and the organizational strategy fit?
  • What are the core values ​​of the organization?

Would you like to know more about this in-company course? Please contact Marco Verhoef ( / 06 – 12 72 82 07)