Houthoff Buruma is one of the largest legal service providers in the Netherlands, with more than 300 lawyers, notaries and tax advisers. With its own offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, London and New York and various international collaborations, Houthoff Buruma has a global district network.

The Rotterdam office is located in the 106-meter-high Weenatoren. Houthoff Buruma rents 9 office floors here. With the lease expiring in sight, a natural moment has arisen for Houthoff Buruma to critically examine the housing needs.

WorkWire has mapped the housing needs by analyzing the organizational goals and work processes and translating them into an appropriate office concept. Various available offices were then viewed and assessed for spatial, functional and architectural suitability. Integration studies were then carried out for the Weenatoren and two suitable alternative offices. On the basis of these studies, Houthoff Buruma will choose to lease in the Weenatoren at improved conditions or move to another location.

  • Organizational analysis
  • Program requirements
  • Integration study
  • Scenario analysis