At WorkWire, we quickly saw the lasting impact of the pandemic on the way we work. This has translated into an approach, tools and products to successfully introduce Hybrid Working at our clients. For example, together with collaboration partners, we have developed new building blocks to optimally support hybrid working methods. And we have an approach to help clients with the change task associated with Hybrid Working.

We have also further developed our own Workplace Effectiveness and Experience (WEB) Survey, enabling us to make Hybrid Working concrete for clients in long-term effects on the way of working and the consequences for the office. With the data and insights from this survey, we can program and design a well-substantiated hybrid work environment.

More interested in our vision on Hybrid Working and our approach, tools and products? Please contact us via or telephone number +31 (0) 6 38 595 110.


In the second half of 2020, together with knowledge partners, including AVEX, a specialist in audiovisual resources, we gave a number of online masterclasses about Hybrid Working.

Interested in the masterclasses? Scan the QR code for a link to our Youtube channel where you can watch compilations of the masterclasses. Do you want to see the complete masterclass? Send an email to