Following the example of other European countries, the Dutch cabinet has set up a development and investment institution called InvestNL. Invest-NL will help entrepreneurs – from start-ups and scale-ups to large companies – to strengthen their business cases, and thus their proposition to commercial financial institutions. And where necessary, Invest-NL helps to smooth investment by participating in a risk-bearing manner. This makes Invest-NL a vehicle for innovations in promising policy areas such as sustainability, healthcare and international trade that are important to the Netherlands.

Invest-NL is now under construction, with former Finance Minister Wouter Bos as the first CEO. Part of the construction is the search for suitable housing. This happens in a phase in which much is still unclear about the final picture, such as the organizational structure of work processes and formation places. The Ministry of Finance, the future shareholder of Invest-NL, has asked WorkWire to support this.

WorkWire has started with an extensive inventory. Those involved were interviewed to get a grip on matters such as organizational and governance structure, work processes and activities, as well as the intended organizational culture. This information has been used to develop a housing and workplace concept. The concept was then translated into a spatial-functional program of requirements. To properly assess potential housing locations, WorkWire has drawn up an assessment matrix. Invest-NL was able to immediately apply this matrix to compare a number of potential locations in a transparent and weighted way. WorkWire also made a global calculation of the operating costs for the financial assessment of the locations.

  • Organizational analysis
  • Concept development
  • Program requirements
  • Feasibility study
  • Business case