The municipality of Best will renovate the town hall. A natural time to think about a new working environment; a working environment that contributes to the goals of the organization as laid down in the strategic vision “Traveling together”. This means a working environment that contributes to a fast, integrated and customer-oriented service towards the Best society.

WorkWire has developed the workplace concept The Best way of working together with the municipality. Part of this concept is a balanced change program to properly guide management and employees to the new way of working. Interactive, educational and stimulating. But above all, inspiring. In this way, WorkWire ensures that employees will get the most out of their new working environment.

Ahrend designs the physical work environment for a pilot floor. This is done in a co-production with WorkWire. From the workplace concept, WorkWire provides the functional principles to the Ahrend design team. In addition, WorkWire involves employees of the municipality in the design process through an ambassador group that actively thinks along. The result: more involvement, support and enthusiasm among employees.

  • Concept development
  • Storytelling
  • Change management