The office of NOC * NSF is located in Papendal, in the middle of the woods of the Veluwe. It is a green, inspiring sports environment for many athletes. The office of the sports organization itself is due for a renewal, both architectural and functional. The working environment is insufficiently in line with the ambitions and goals of NOC * NSF.

WorkWire has supported the sports organization in this. WorkWire was the first to design the Work Together concept @ NOC * NSF. By recalibrating goals and ambitions together with the management and connecting core values ​​of the organization to the workplace concept. The workplace concept is visualized by WorkWire and recorded in a storyline; a powerful means of communication towards employees. WorkWire has worked on a new design for the physical working environment together with the architectural firm Desarc. The result is a functionally pulsating and inspiring Program of Requirements that breathes sport. In addition, with a balanced change program, WorkWire guides management and employees to the new working environment and new way of working.

Now the time has come, the renovation of the shell with an increased sustainability ambition and a thorough long-term vision for the real estate on Papendal as a whole. At the same time, Workwire coordinates the development, tendering and roll-out of the installation package and temporary housing. All still focused on the new ways of working and how we interact with each other. A large number of sports federations are involved as initiative pushers for greater cooperation between the main federation and the sub-federations. The enthusiasm of all parties grows by the day.

  • Concept development
  • Storytelling
  • Change management