‘Working differently’ is ProRail’s activity-oriented workplace concept. An aim of the concept is to create a uniform working environment which ensures recognisability and clarity of the physical working environment which is at the same time cost efficient. In practice, however, custom solutions are often still chosen. The Facility Services department, responsible for accommodation, wants an approach that leads to more uniformity and less customization for the further roll-out of Anders Werken in “De Inktpot” (head office in Utrecht).

WorkWire is developing a blueprint for the physical working environment for ProRail. This blueprint consists of an overview of all building blocks for the physical working environment and a generic workplace mix. For this, WorkWire analyses both work processes and activity profiles of employees and the building. In addition, WorkWire assists the steering group in the strategic framework for the workplace concept. With the blueprint, the Department of Facility Affairs can keep more control over the development and design process and manage an optimal working environment based on generic building blocks.

  • Empowering workplace
  • Concept development
  • Dynamic space state
  • Spatial and functional programming
  • Design letter