The province is facing a new housing challenge in the coming years. The introduction of the ‘task-oriented working’ method, the further development of the activity-oriented workplace concept, the renovation and sustainability of buildings and, as a result of the downsizing of the organization, the disposal of real estate. The province has asked WorkWire to help draft a new strategic vision for housing. A vision that provides direction and can be used as a yardstick for (future) developments and initiatives.

At the start of the project, WorkWire organized a deep dive with all direct and indirect stakeholders – from management to HRM. During this deep dive, focus was added by identifying themes that have a major impact in achieving organizational and housing goals and prioritizing them. The result of this approach is a coherent vision of the most important housing themes that the province will tackle in the coming years.

Subsequently, WorkWire carried out a pilot for the HR department for the further development of the workplace concept, one of the themes from the strategic vision. The department’s quantitative and qualitative housing needs were identified on the basis of an objective calculation model. The analysis flawlessly mapped out where the current accommodation is ‘pinching’ and how, within the existing meters, the functionality can be increased.

  • Vision formation
  • Housing advice
  • Dynamic space state