The national government is responsible for housing the civil servants. The housing framework for the Physical Working Environment of the Government (FWR) must result in efficient and effective housing of civil servants in government offices. The Ministry for Housing and the National Service adopted master plans for this in 2013. For the period up to 2020, these master plans provide insight into how housing demand from departments and the supply of government offices meet.

The Directorate-General for Public Organization (DGOO) of the Ministry of the Interior, responsible for a modern central government, directs the implementation of the master plans. The Corporate Service of Rijkswaterstaat has been designated by DGOO as one of the group service providers (CDV) that takes care of all facility and housing issues within the master plans; from project management and advice to moving in and providing facility services.

WorkWire supports Rijkswaterstaat’s CDV team. As an expert in the FWR and the Government-wide workplace concept Time, Place and Device Independent Working, WorkWire fulfils the role of housing advisor within several master plans. In addition, WorkWire plays an important role in knowledge development and assurance within the Corporate Service and the CDV team.

  • Project management
  • Scenario analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Spatial programming
  • Program requirements
  • Communication & change management