Schuiteman Accountants & Adviseurs is strongly anchored in the Central Netherlands. To increase personal contact with (potential) customers, Schuiteman offers its services from various locations. This will remain this way. At the same time, Schuiteman is developing from an establishment to a discipline-driven organization. This should ensure more cooperation and knowledge sharing between experts within the various disciplines. With this development, Schuiteman creates further specialization and growth of the organization. As a result of this new course, the number of branches is decreasing. The Ede and Veenendaal branches will be merged into a new office location, right on the Rijksweg A12.

WorkWire has developed a new workplace concept for Schuiteman. This workplace concept contributes to the realization of the strategic goals of the organization. In addition, the new working environment is more open and welcoming, both to employees (including colleagues from other locations) and visitors, while retaining sufficient space for confidential and privacy-sensitive activities. Based on the new workplace concept, WorkWire has made a functional and interior design for the new location in Ede. The interior design is a translation of the (desired) corporate identity of Schuiteman.

  • Vision formation & strategic goals
  • Organizational analysis
  • Concept development
  • Layout drawings
  • Interior design