Housing supports work processes. At the same time, housing is expensive. For many organizations, this is a search for housing that best matches the wishes and requirements of the organization on the one hand, and efficient and flexible housing on the other. So no inefficient cell office where half of the desks are empty, but flexible, activity-oriented work environments where workplaces and other facilities are shared. Preferably an efficient environment in which changes such as growth, shrinkage or the application of new working methods such as agile can be easily absorbed.

SKEPP, a young and dynamic online mediation agency in the purchase and rental of office space, is responding to this development. With flexible contracts and completely flexible furnishing concepts, tailored to customer needs. SKEPP wants to be and remain distinctive in the market with their concept for “The New Office” (HNK). This requires a sharp eye and continuous attention for improvement. WorkWire has carried out a concept challenge on behalf of SKEPP. This challenge has yielded valuable insights for SKEPP to respond optimally to the changing customer demand with the HNK concept and to remain distinctive.

  • Market analysis
  • Concept development
  • Housing advice