Nearly 200 employees work at the Stedelijk Museum. A large part of these work in the office, from administrative and financial assistant to researcher and curator. The Stedelijk Museum office is located on the top floor of the ‘bathtub’, the new building designed by Benthem Crouwel. An open and transparent environment, designed for activity-oriented working. In practice, the workplace concept does not work out well, and as a result employees are more likely to experience nuisance than profit. The Stedelijk Museum wants to improve their working environment. In order to make the right choices, the museum asked WorkWire to perform a quick scan.

WorkWire has made an integral analysis of the workplace concept based on the Stedelijk Museum’s intended goals and ambitions. The current and desired situation of the physical working environment (“bricks”), virtual working environment (“bytes”) and organizational culture (“behavior”) have been mapped. In addition, the current capacity and diversity of workplace forms have been compared to the number of employees and their work processes. This gave a good picture of the improvement task. The quick scan also made suggestions for improvements to the physical working environment, including the reasons why.

  • Quickscan bricks, bytes & behavior
  • Building scan
  • Classification proposal optimization