The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is housed in accordance with the Government Housing Master Plan. In Assen, The Hague, Zwolle and Deventer, RVO will have an FWR working environment in a Government Office, or a working environment that meets the requirements of the Physical Working Environment (FWR). This means a generic, highly standardized office environment in accordance with the principles of Time, Place and Device Independent Working (TPAW).

WorkWire supports RVO in drawing up well-considered and internally supported furnishing proposals. WorkWire achieves this by being the linking pin within the project organization between end users (employees of RVO) and support departments such as RE, FM, ICT and HR. In addition, WorkWire coordinates on behalf of RVO with the Central Government Real Estate Agency, the group service provider of the State, DGOO and GO with the aim of creating a working environment within the FWR and the policy for Government Offices that optimally matches the housing needs of RVO.

  • Integration studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Communication & change management
  • Stakeholder management
  • User guidance