It’s not just about what the work environment looks like, but what it does to people and organization. Services and facilities within the working environment must above all ensure that employees can and want to work in the desired manner. What insights do you need for a powerful workplace strategy and corresponding workplace concept?

  • Which tools can you use? Esther Roelofs provides answers to these questions based on current developments within work environments. WorkWire has developed a number of methodologies to add strategic and conceptual strength to issues within the working environment. This module focuses on the following questions and associated instruments:
  • What is the common denominator when you look at the organization’s strategy and ambitions on the one hand, and what employees consider important in their working environment on the other?
  • What do you have to focus on to achieve the maximum result for people and organizations? (Value Fit)
  • What are important workplace principles associated with this “Value Fit”? (Bricks, Bytes and Behavior Scan)
  • How do we formulate our ideas so that this can serve as a guideline for all disciplines involved in changes in the working environment? (Concept Statement)
  • How is the working environment actually used and experienced and where are concrete opportunities for improvement? (Employee Journey)

At the end of the day you have applied these tools case-oriented and you can take these detailed results with you and present them within your own organization.


The route to a people-oriented workplace strategy

This course provides insight into how you can develop an appropriate workplace strategy and which tools you can use. We will also introduce you to the tools for the next phase; the concept development. This follow-up phase links strategic insights to more specific insights (about employee profiles, how employees use the work environment and what the opportunities are for improvement), and works towards conceptual and concrete handles for workplace designs and communication.

During the course we will work with a selection of tools with which WorkWire works: the Value Fit, the Bricks, Bytes and Behavior Scan, the Concept Statement and the Employee Journey.

The course can be taken as an in-company training. In addition, a specific case can also be submitted in advance to which the tools are applied during the course. The training can take place at WorkWire in the Caballero Fabriek or elsewhere. The course lasts about 5 hours (can be adjusted according to need).


Walk-in and reception

Introduction: context of changing work environments.

Value Fit

It looks at strategic organizational goals and employee needs. Bringing together in a common denominator is an important starting point for framing goals related to the new work environment.

Bricks, Bytes and Behavior Scan

The results of the Value Fit are translated into important workplace principles within Housing / Facilities, ICT and Organization & Behavior.

Concept Statement

In this exercise we provide tools to draw up a concept statement that describes the ideas underlying the desired change within the working environment.

Employee Journey

Based on the basic moments in a day, it is illustrated what employees do, what they need from the disciplines FM, HR and ICT, what obstacles and limitations they experience within these disciplines to be able to do their work well and what opportunities they see for improvement. The result of the employee journeys is the founder of the spatial functional program of requirements.

Rounding and closing

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