We are WorkWire, a young, dynamic and fast-growing consultancy. With employees from different backgrounds. From neuropsychologists to interior designers. Hardworking and people-oriented. Working together on the common goal: creating the empowering workplace.

Proud. That is what we are. Of our organisation, the projects we do and the results we achieve, together with our clients. We work hard for that. With enthusiastic employees, each with a vision and a story. And above all the knowledge and experience to create added value for our employees. Creative, people-oriented and where necessary averse to pre-chewed systems, without losing sight of the reality and feasibility of projects. With our vision and approach, we have now taken a leading position in the workplace consultancy market. We work on projects in various sectors, profit and non-profit. From business service providers, universities and medical centres to national governments and municipalities.

For a further strengthening of our agency we are looking for a…

Senior Workplace Consultant

Housing as an important asset for achieving strategic organizational goals. As a driver of change. Where employees can and want to work optimally. We believe that the working environment has a huge impact on the experience and involvement of employees and we want to show organizations how they can make the most of the potential of the working environment. Do you also believe in this and do you want to develop concepts that really work, together with our enthusiastic team? Then we would like to meet you!

Who are we?

We are WorkWire. We are thinkers, talkers and above all go-getters. We advise, inspire and challenge. We believe in people above furniture, in images above text. And we are passionate about developing inspiring work environments. We work out our plans and advice visually. Simply because this is easier to understand and sticks better than long advisory reports.

WorkWire started as a meeting place for consultants and designers with a passion for inspiring work environments. Over the past six years, we have grown into a pioneering consultancy in the field of workplace consultancy, located at the most desirable workplace in The Hague: the Caballero Fabriek on the Binckhorst site!

We develop and design working environments in which employees can and want to perform optimally. Can, because employees have all the facilities and resources (housing, FM, ICT and HR policy) they need to do their job well. And want, because the work environment inspires and motivates them and tempts them to work in new ways. We call this the “Empowering Workplace”.

By calling WorkWire a housing consultancy, we are short on our part, as our services are at the intersection of housing and organization. Clients also request this from us. We support them with housing advice, concept development, (interior) design, change management, Workplace Nudging and project management in the realization of their new environment.

What characterizes us:

  • We have a flat and open culture with a focus on motivating and stimulating;
  • With attention for you as a person and as a specialist;
  • Based on trust, freedom and responsibility;
  • With ownership of the things we do ourselves, with and for each other;
  • We love growth and development! For you and us together. On a professional and personal level.


As a senior consultant you help clients get the best return from their housing and working environment. You do this by linking the concept and design of the working environment to the strategy and ambitions of the organization and by connecting the environment to the organizational culture and way of working. Within WorkWire you work together with housing consultants, change managers, designers, communication consultants and cognitive psychologists. Together with this team and your broad knowledge and experience, you can completely unburden clients in strategic housing projects.

Within the team, you as a senior consultant are responsible for the customer relationship and achieving the end result. You are a strategic discussion partner, draw up advisory report (s) and project plans, provide presentations and workshops and assist organizations in initiating implementation processes.

  • You are analytically strong and can provide overview and structure in large flows of data.
  • You look at issues from different angles and come up with original, original and innovative ideas.
  • You respond to internal politics and are alert to changes within the (customer) organization.
  • You determine priorities and indicate the necessary actions and time and resources to ensure that things are arranged.
  • You also manage colleagues within your projects on the basis of output and you help them to develop and strengthen their (advice) skills.

WorkWire has taken a leading position in the market in recent years. This has not gone unnoticed and has been rewarded with an FD Gazellen award in 2018! To continue this upward trend, as a senior consultant you are partly responsible for an increasing brand awareness and assignment portfolio of WorkWire. You are good at managing relationships and have a strong and varied network. You also know how to create opportunities by developing innovative services and (advice) products.


Our primary and secondary terms of employment are in line with the market and match the knowledge, experience and network that you bring along. In addition, we offer a unique growth path that leads to participation within WorkWire in the role of partner or shareholder.

Of course we offer freedom in the design of your own work. The end result is the most important, not so much where or when you work on this result. The culture within our team is informal and innovative. New products and / or services are regularly developed with which the customer’s question can be answered even better. This keeps our work exciting and interesting. Each employee is coached internally and, in addition to our own range of courses, follows customized courses.

We would like to tell you more about our offer during our first meeting.

Do you recognize yourself in the profile above? Can you create demonstrable added value for our customers? Then we would like to talk to you! Send your CV and a letter explaining your application to attn Esther Roelofs. For more information about this position, please contact Esther on 06 4237 4467.


WorkWire is constantly looking for ambitious talents. Does a vacancy match your profile? Send your CV and motivation to for Elly Janssen stating “Application” and the position to which you are applying. For more information about the vacancy, please contact our office via our Office Manager 06 559 155 08.

Does the vacancy not fit your profile well, but are you convinced that you can strengthen our team? We are always open to a well-motivated open application.

We do not appreciate the telephone acquisition of recruitment and selection agencies.