Wat als Startbucks je huisvesting zou managen

What if Starbucks were to manage your housing?

Branding in office development… now that organisations are becoming more marketing-oriented, the function of housing is also changing. The coordinating role becomes more complex as users are getting more involved in the development process as ‘customers.’ Cost efficiency goes hand in hand with high quality requirements and customization. This also creates opportunities – for new propositions and concepts, higher margins, and a more important role for housing. As a housing manager, how can you shape this new way of thinking? How do you use marketing and make it work for you and your organisation? And, conversely: as a marketer, how do you use housing at a strategic level? “We’re not in the coffee business, serving people. We’re in the people business, serving coffee”- Howard Schultz, (CEO Starbucks)

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