At Enexis we work on a reliable and sustainable energy supply for both today and the future. The companies within Enexis Group, with more than 4,300 employees, are driven together, quickly and agile. And so we can meet the social demands and challenges in the energy world. One of the most important values ​​is safety and working safely for all employees. Various initiatives have been devised at the head office in Den Bosch to encourage working safely. Enexis has decided to give working safely attention not only within its own working environment, but also at the parking garage where employees, visitors, residents and passengers meet at an unexpected moment, which can lead to an unsafe feeling.

To give a positive twist to this issue, Enexis has chosen to use workplace nudging. WorkWire has been asked to guide this process. Together with the innovation team of Enexis Facility Management, we have gone through the process steps of Workplace Nudging. Starting with the core value of safety, working towards nudges in various interactive workshops. Always with a positive character, so that the employees of Enexis are immediately welcomed in an environment where safe working is central.

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