We are WorkWire.
A collective of consultants and designers, specialised in the creation of the empowering workplace.

We believe in the Empowering Workplace, a motivating work environment in which employees can and want to work optimally. The Empowering Workplace contributes both to the organizational strategy and to the job satisfaction and well-being of employees. Different facets of the physical, virtual and mental workplace come together and are in balance with each other, so that employees can and want to get the best out of themselves.

We are WorkWire

We guide organizations and employees to an Empowering Workplace.Our commitment focuses on creating workplaces where both the organization and the employee can bring out the best in themselves every day. This means paying attention to a balance and connection between “bricks”, “bytes” and “behavior”. We always work in multidisciplinary teams, so that our knowledge is well utilized.

Our 5 domains

The foundation of an Empowering Workplace is an optimal housing with attention to the desired (new) way of working. We build this foundation together with you by giving advice within five domains:

  1. Strategy
  2. Concept Development
  3. Implementation
  4. Change
  5. Learning & Maintanance

In the process of developing Empowering Workplaces, we focus on connecting the five domains to achieve coherent results.

Workplace Nudging

As WorkWire we believe in the power of nudging to make behavior change at the office easier and more fun. For this we have developed a methodology “Workplace Nudging”. Our website workplacenudging.com tells more about nudging and our methodology.

Our brochures

Feel free to download our information (in Dutch) about our domains, courses and Workplace Nudging.