We are WorkWire.
Passionate & people-oriented advisors and designers, specialized in creating the empowering workplace.


We believe in the ‘Empowering Workplace’, a motivating work environment where employees can thrive. An environment that contributes to the organizational strategy as well as to the job satisfaction and well-being of employees. Where different facets of the physical, virtual and mental work environment come together and are in balance.


WorkWire supports clients in developing, designing and implementing new workplace concepts. We always provide tailor-made solutions based on a methodological, proven approach. Data and insight play an important role in our approach. We connect experience and expertise to data that we collect through research and measurements.

In our approach, strategic housing advice and design consultancy are strongly intertwined in all phases. We analyse, develop and program from the perspective of the organization and employees. A successful working environment is always tailored to the specific characteristics, goals and ambitions, the structure, culture and values of the organization and the desired design of work processes.

From design consultancy we translate workplace concepts into concrete solutions for the office; from sketch design to complete interior design. Work environments with a high user and experiential value due to our focus on user experience and realistic due to continuous attention to feasibility