We are WorkWire.
A collective of consultants and designers, specialised in the creation of the empowering workplace.

We believe in the ‘Empowering Workplace’, a motivating work environment in which employees are able and willing to work in. An environment that contributes to the organizational strategy as well as to the job satisfaction and well-being of employees. Where different facets of the physical, virtual and mental work environment come together and are in balance with each other, so that employees can and want to get the best out of themselves.

Empowering workplace

By ‘Empowering Workplace’ we mean an intelligent, adaptive and sustainable working environment that supports the needs of the organization and the individual employees. An environment that radiates the vision and ambition of the organization and contributes to strategic goals. And that inspires, connects and makes them work with pleasure and dedication.


User involvement stands central to our approach. We develop a work environment together with the organization. Because we believe that this leads to better solutions, more enthusiasm and ultimately more willingness for change among the employees.

We use our tools to retrieve and communicate the right information, data and insights at every level within the organization. Completeness, reliability and applicability are paramount.