The Plein Kalvermarkt Complex in The Hague comprises several buildings in which the Ministry of Defense has been located for almost 200 years. The renovation of the monumental A building is part of a phased renovation process that encompasses the entire complex. The Central Government Real Estate Agency has asked WorkWire to draw up an Integral PoR for the accommodation of the residents of building A. The housing frameworks are described in the “Networked Cooperation” (GSW) program, a framework that has strong similarities with the FWR. However, a significant part of the users to be accommodated requires extra attention. In addition to the political (minister and secretary of state) and official summit (Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General), the Defense Summit also includes the military summit (Commander of the Armed Forces and Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces). In order to properly facilitate the processes that take place here, user-specific facilities are required that are not part of the GSW mix. WorkWire draws up an Integral Program of Requirements in accordance with the current framework, and customizes this where necessary for the various VIP users.

  • Building scan
  • Integration study
  • Integral schedule of requirements